Hello everyone…


I will start with thanks to all the aware participant against this disease that encompasses not just the community that we represent and who are diabetic.

Welcome from the hall of the  European University of Tirana and all members of the association.

I can not forget  to thank our families, friends found in the most difficult moments to have a health with less problems that consistently come from diabet …

  1. In a particular way I want to greet someone who could not be present,the honourable Professor Dr. Petrit Hoxhaj.
    2 .Dear Mr. Ilir Dizdari, the Director of the Western Balkan Foundation for Strategic Development.
    3 I thank the representative of the parliamentary committee and of the health committee,the honorable ladie cardiologist doctor Klodiana Spahiu.
  2. Professor Dr. Isuf Kalo.
  3. Dear Mr. Gazmend Bejtja Director of Health Services in the Ministry of Health.

6.Associate Professor Doctor Ali Tonuzi.

  1. The Endocrinologist Doctor Elona Xhaldo.
  2. Aurel Voda the General Advisor of the Director of Foundation Security mandatory to Health Care.
  3. Mr Erind Bejko Director in the Directorate of Programs and Labour Market Integration.



Without forgetting the European University of Tirana, Sanofi Company, Novo Nordisk Company, Agna Company, all journalists who are carrying out a human work for health and all the representatives of Foundations and Civil Society.



We thank all the friends of the Association for the support and relief to our sustainability performance and being attached for days and more individual goals and our requirements from the most normal and unchanging of the members of our association.

As always, the association has worked to let you know about the scientific achievements for diabetes, costs of the people with diabetes and without forgetting the specifics of  the activitis you have to do…

Today we want to let you know that in our plan project will have a more expanded space for mobilization in collaboration with various donors and with the desire of the working groups with various volunteers with various members of the association.


Thank you!

– We have indicated the annual costs following the criters and endocrinologist doctor’s advice

– Representation in various activities through our members and different networks.

– The possibility of  conversation through the social networking tool where we share knowledeges ,share our questions and problems to find a solution regarding diabetes.

– The Association has been represented in the media and in various activities which brought a motion and information related with various specifications for health.




Today we want to remind you that from the first conference “Diabetes never sleeps” on 21 March 2014, we have been released and made aware to the Albanian society and in particular the competent authorities for monthly and annual costs of persons with diabetes.



Enabling medical materials worth about about 158,000 ALL / year.

32 analysis worth 231,000 ALL / year.

With a total value totaling 389.000 ALL / year.

State helps with a value of 113,000 ALL / year giving social assistance as 1 of 3’s, where the difference reaches of 276,000 ALL / year. Without councluding the diet that should make people with diabetes.

I would like to emphasize that the amount of 276.000 ALL / year because now I will let you know at a cost of eye damage that is a result of not fulfilling our requirements regarding reimbursement of medicines and 32 tests to be performed and repeat consistenly by a person with diabetes.




  • Control,pressure measurement, fundoskopi             3,000 All
  • Visual Field                                                                   1,000 All
  • FFA, Digital Aniographi                                              12,000 All
  • OCT, Optical tomography of ophthalmic                   11,200 All
  • Laser sessions                                                            12,000 All
  • Yag Laser                                                                    14,000 All
  • Cataract                                                                      25,000 All

(cataract removal and replacement of the lens refractive intraocular) 


         Avastin,                                                                 18,000 All

       . Triamcinolon                                                         15,000 All


             Total :                                                             111,000 All





Clarification: Prices of analysis are taken in the public sector for as much analysis as can be noticed in the  hospital in Tirana and the remaining in various private clinics.




But should not be overlooked also the damage of the heart, brain, kidneys, nerves and cutting limbs from diabetes.


Most of us have eye injuries being associated with reduced vision and blindness 100% finished with diabetes.


The difference, costs by criteria and advices from the doctor endocrinologist, plus the burden of the cost of the eye damage only adds value to people with diabetes spending and family.

We also want to say that the to the state is added also the burden of custody of persons with disabilities in social separately glance

The total spending cost of state highlighting the relevant bodies for 1 person with diabetes who do not fulfill the criteria for treatment and advice and analysis reached much higher.

Which will have consequences in the establishment of various taxes which are included without exception of all the Albanian society. With a sweeping conclusion that diabetes is all-embracing.




According to the situation we have some questions direct to you about issues of diabetic eye:

– Will our country overtake cover all damages that come due to the not management and analysis reimbursement plus diabete’s analysis.

– Where should we  go to get a solution?

– Who shouls we ask for an effective solution?

– Is there a strategy to this case, the final package delegated to private clinics?



As for the community that we represent we have sought and continue to seek:


  1. To make the reimbursement of chips making relevant legal changes.


  1. To review the funding schemes such as chips, lancet, for reimbursement as age and health materials above mentioned drugs, so that our cooperation with patient organizations will improve the quality of treatment and avoid its complications and concerns against him.


  1. Facilitation of procedures for obtaining the insulin analog and without obstructions to provide insulin analogues.


  1. We demand also repeated review procedures, preparation of documents annually of kemp retirement and social assistance given to people with diabetes.


  1. Health Insurance Fund have to achieve total refund of glucoz hemoglobin analysis of all the Albanian territory.


  1. To review and improve the employment structure and education in relief for people with diabetes, giving priority to this category


  1. To achieve these problemve resolution we should set out above propose tables with various diabetes associations, national competent authorities or other actors that can serve to date to arrive targets.


  1. Diabetes have to become a matter of days as it is given a card toward diabetic ask implemented in cooperation with the state, private hospitals, private clinics, specific companies, various supermarket offering discounts for specific food products for diabetes community and other services that bring relief to our life.


9.We seek to review the possibility of rimburser insulin pumps for children and young people who have an unbalance diabetes and complications caused by diabetes, such as in our neighboring countries (Macedonia, Greece, Slovenia, Croatia)




All these requirements today require a bit more work to chronic diseases associated with less cost and comprehensive cooperation with a longterm perspective. Starting with priority to youth and children.

But do not forget that this growth will bring motivation welfare of the population and does not require re-indicators or figures only promises and promises and promises …

Deciding and finally succeeded in changing health and economic prosperity for the entire population.


I conclude my discussion with the phrase:

“I can bear everything that life can reserve, except one thing: blindness.

I will never admit this! ”


Thank you

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